Seibu Realty Solutions was launched in an aim of maximizing the value of the Seibu Group’s holdings and taking a leap forward into becoming an even more competitive integrated real estate company.

The corporate name has been changed to SEIBU REALTY SOLUTIONS INC. as of April 1, 2022 with an absorption-type merger deeming Prince Hotels, Inc. a merging company and SEIBU PROPERTIES INC. a defunct company, and Prince Hotels, Inc. succeeding and maintaining all rights and obligations of SEIBU PROPERTIES INC.


The meaning behind our company name

In it lies the message that we wish to contribute to solving problems related to real estate owned by customers and the Seibu Group as an integrated real estate company of the Group. We plan to maximize the value of the Group’s holdings and aim to take a leap forward into becoming an even more competitive integrated real estate company.

What we aim to become

Maximizing the value of the Group’s holdings / taking a leap forward into becoming a highly competitive integrated real estate company.

Seibu Realty Solutions was formed upon separating the holding and managing functions of the Group’s hotel assets and integrating Prince Hotels’ assets and asset management functions with Seibu Properties in order to realize sustained and strong growth along with the development of a durable business model.
We will utilize the Group’s holdings that span the nation including resorts in locations such as central urban areas, areas along Seibu Railway lines, and Karuizawa in the most effective ways possible through various methods.

Functions and roles of the 3 core companies

Examining, determining, and
executing optimal solutions through various methods

We offer services in various fields that are a part of our customers’ daily lives including the developing of sites for hotels in locations such as areas along Seibu Railway lines and the urban center, the developing and operating of commercial facilities such as shops inside and below train stations and resort shopping malls, the leasing of facilities such as offices and houses, the selling of houses, condominiums, and cottage areas in lots, the managing of locations such as parking spaces for automobiles, parking spaces for bicycles, and cemeteries, and the operating of insurance agency businesses. We aim to take a leap forward into becoming an integrated real estate company by accumulating wide-ranging management know-how (AM/PM/BM) in the real estate business.

※ AM: asset management, PM: property management, BM: building management



Three asset strategies

To fully utilize our assets,
we aim to realize potential earning power from three perspectives, improve profitability, and boost asset efficiency.

Grand Emio Tokorozawa

DaiyaGate Ikebukuro

Increasing the value of existing businesses

Through the expansion and structural alterations as well as the renovation of existing assets in line with existing applications, we further improve their profitability and maintain or increase their competitiveness.

Former Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho

Reorganizing portfolios

We reorganize business portfolios and convert hotels, commercial facilities, offices, and residential facilities in line with changing needs.
One example is Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho, where the site of the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka was reborn through mixed use development.

PMO Akihabara II


Concentrate management resources on core businesses

We convert cash generated by expropriation or sale of owned assets with assets that are expected to improve profits.
We also improve asset efficiency and profitability by utilizing non-operating assets such as idle land and underpasses.



Three area strategies

We have designated the three areas of “Railways”, “Central Tokyo Area”, and “Resorts” as core areas,
and we prioritize the implementation of measures based on our long-term real estate business strategy for business expansion.

Realization of potential profitability
through effective use of real estate assets
in line with area strategy(core areas)

Further dividing Railway Lines into seven areas,
we seek to maximize the value of railway lines based on the specific strategy for each area.

Areas along the Seibu Railway

We are further enhancing value along railway lines by dividing Railway Lines into seven areas and promoting businesses tailored to the respective characteristics of each area in coordination with urban transportation and businesses along railways.

Resort Areas

In addition to Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, we are carrying out projects mainly in the Karuizawa area, where group assets such as hotels and golf courses are concentrated.

Central Tokyo Areas

We manage and study large-scale compound development projects centering on the Kioicho area where Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho is located, and the Minato Ward, which has a concentration of large hotels such as Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa.

Main land holdings in Tokyo's 23 wards